Reign Fitness

EST. 2017

Willie Davies

    Fitness is something I’ve really grown to love. My first passion growing up was baseball. But since finishing my playing days as a Minor Leaguer for the Detroit Tigers, which lasted seven years, I’ve found my competitive nature in the gym. What began as something I did to stay in shape for baseball, slowly became an addiction for me. Competing with myself in the gym and finding ways to be the best me is something that brings me joy, but also confidence in myself. By having made this transition from player to avid fitness goer I’ve seen first hand what hard work and dedication in the gym can do! Personally, this is why I’m excited about REIGN Fitness and what we can do for the community!
     Join the REIGNfit family and you’ll find that you will be met with support, motivation, accountability, and a community of others working towards similar goals! 

"Reign Fitness is dedicated to Improving your quality of life through health and fitness" 

James Robbins


​      Since starting my fitness career in 2014 I have worked at a couple different gyms.  Some smaller; semi private style gyms and also the bigger corporate gyms as a manager.  After working my way up the system, training professional athletes, collegiate athletes and your everyday adults for a few years I was given the opportunity to own my own gym and I went for it.  One thing I noticed as a trainer is It doesn't matter if you are a high level athlete or a hard working adult, we are all on the same journey, to get better!  We started Reign Fitness so that anyone could come in and get a quality workout and get real results. 

     Growing up I had weight issues, no confidence in the way I looked and didn't know what to do.  After graduating from Central Washington University with my BS in Exercise Science I then began my own journey to weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.  After trial and error I have found a system that can help anyone reach any goals they may have.  Let us help you reach your fitness goals today!