Reign Fitness

EST. 2017

"I've known Willie for about 3 years, so when I recently quit baseball I knew who to run to in order to improve my physique.  I've gained 12 pounds in just the first 6 weeks and my body has never felt better! Anyone thinking about creating a healthier lifestyle, Willie is the man!"

-Drew Bizub

Online and Client of Reign Fitness

"The one thing I really like at Reign Fitness is how energetic and fun Willie and James are.  No matter the day, they are always energetic which makes it easy to get up for your workout.  With the programs you can always expect a challenge and to leave there knowing you had a great workout.  One big thing with the programs that are written does not just include big conventional lifts, but different variations for every lift which makes it fresh, new and exciting.  I have to give my guys at Reign Fitness a 10/10."

-Alec Kisena 

Played for Detroit Tigers 

Independent Baseball Player

"Willie is an excellent trainer.  Very knowledgeable and knows how to work with people of all fitness levels and ages. His rates far beat any of his competitors and this isn't one of those "you get what you pay for things", he gives excellent quality training along with great prices!"

-Cody Flynn

​Client at Reign Fitness

"In the few years that I have known WilIie Davies, he has brought out a part of me that I didn't know existed; the part that loved to workout! His love for fitness is hard not to admire."

-Jenna Stupey

​Online Client

Plays College softball at UMBC